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Sleep life company associated with exclusive business partners of Lowenstein medical German technology provide sales and services of new age PAP therapy devices sleep and respiratory care  sleep diagnostic services devices like cpap, bipap, home ventilation and sleep labs (sleep diagnostic devices) for Telangana , Andhra Pradesh region.

We have also authorised exclusive service centre of Lowenstein medical center at Hyderabad


Exclusive Distributors for Lowenstein medical Sleep, Respiratory, Sleep diagnostic devices for Telangana & Andhra P 1 radish

Sleep life is Exclusive Service Center for Lowenstein medical authorised

sleeplife is a leading medical equipment Seller and service provider . sleeplife is a leader in the field of sleep therapy, respiratory support, home ventilation and sleep diagnostic devices , and its activities include sales, service, and rental of hospital equipment, joint venture and home sleep testing.

Sleeplife will provide Health care products and services that enhance quality of life and provide functional and financial value. Not only selling the products we explain Educate well in nature that it reaches their need of demand. Also we offer programs and solutions clinically proven to help solve the most complex issues they face while using
the products.

Our legacy quality and our promise to make long term customer relationship by given best product more than that helps you to reach more than their need and ensure customer satisfaction by providing current, user-friendly medical equipment and prompt after-sales service at affordable prices .

Sleep studies Manual Sleep scoring services.

Sleeplife as the premier distributor of quality products and services to hospitals and other customers We take pride in our strong commitment in
supporting their need
Training of end-users
Availability of clinical specialists like respiratory care providers
through telephone

Lowenstein medical germanLtd. subsidiary of Löwenstein Group and represents Löwenstein Medical products. Löwenstein Medical offer a full range of anaesthesia workstations, neonatal ventilators, ICU-ventilators and sleep diagnostics and therapy devices, including high quality masks Löwenstein Medical GmbH & Co. KG, Germany is specialised in development, production and sales of medical devices and systems. For almost 30 years of company history, Löwenstein Medical have made an important contribution to patient care. In neonatal care, intensive care ventilation and anaesthetics the company develops and manufactures its own innovative products which are used worldwide. With its intensive research and development work, Löwenstein Medical always succeed in producing new products for the market, hence making a
significant contribution to medical progress. Building on a first- class workforce, a well-established sales infrastructure and a company strategy which constantly aims to benefit the user, Löwenstein Medical will continue to produce and sell high- quality state of the art medical devices and systems, with the main focus being on patient care.